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Yvonne M Earp (20th C) 'The Apprentice' Large Framed Original Oil- 42 x 34 inches Masterfully Executed- Important California Artist 1960's

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Wonderfully executed original oil painting of Native American Children at work by sought after Californian artist Yvonne M Earp, ca 1964. Stunning surreal toned Southwestern scene is title 'The Apprentice'. Painting portrays Native American domestic scene set against dreamy background. Elegant Framed Large Painting shows highly skilled technique by artist. Oil on stretch canvas in nice condition.

Signature: Signed lower right

Title: 'The Apprentice'

Size: c. 42 H X 34 1/4 W inches with frame
c. 35 1/2 H X 27 W inches site (unframed)

Condition: Overall very nice (see pics)

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About the Artist:
Yvonne M. Earp of Santa Rosa, California began to study art seriously in the late 1950's when she attended the Hartwell School of Design in San Francisco and then went on to study with Dr. Marques Reitzel and then with Fred Fredden Goldberg.
Mr. Goldberg is a well-known artist based in Northern California, his haunting and surreal toned seascapes are a hallmark of his work, along with animal and portrait paintings, which he did in water colors and sketches as well. Yvonne studied the various styles and techniques of Mr. Goldberg, becoming his protege, then began showing her work at many of the same exhibitions and museums as Goldberg.
Earp & Goldberg had very similar styles and each employed a hint of surrealism to there work. While his understudy, Earp and Goldberg, collaborated on at least two paintings. The first, in 1962, appears to be a classic example of a Goldberg seascape, and indeed is, only one that was sketched by Yvonne. The foreground tree and cliffs and waves were then painted in by Goldberg, and after, the background and atmospheric elements painted by Earp, as indicated on the back of the canvas board and initialed by each painter.
And the two collaborated once more a year later with the type of surrealist subject matter they both enjoyed painting, this time sharing the canvas with a portrait of Satan & Abe Lincoln in 1963. Demonstrating his abilities to emphasize the role of light and shadows, Fred Goldberg painted Satan's bust and cape, while Earp followed suit with an equally skilled head of Lincoln, as indicated on the back of the canvas board and initialed by each painter.
By this time in the mid sixties Yvonne's work had become almost indistinguishable from Goldberg, and she was well on her way to winning several first and second place awards in various art exhibits and holding her own exhibits at more than one museum in Northern and Southern California.
The Madonna Festival of Art Exhibits in Los Angeles California at the Wilshire Methodist Church became a regular annual event for Mrs. Earp, winning the festival once her painting even dawned the cover of the exhibits pamphlet in 1966.
She was awarded a Jurors Prize, three separate years in 1973,1974,1975 at the De Young Memorial Museum which earned her the Honor of becoming a permanent member of The S.W.A. (Society of Western Artists). After this her work went on exhibit at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California, and she became a permanent member of the AMORC, American Society of Rosicrucian Collections.
One of her paintings highlighted from the Madonna series of work can be seen next to her above and became a permanent addition to the museums collection. Yvonne continued painting and showing not only her masterful oil paintings but a variety of Asian water colors, color pastels, as well as drawings and paintings on silk fabric and silk paper, her style is on described as classically trained with a wide range of versatility, she was a small but very important part of the history of noteworthy California Artists.
She passed away peacefully at the age of 92, at home in Santa Rosa (Sonoma County) California.