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RARE Authentic Pre-Columbian Colima Redware Reclinatorio Abstract Dog ca 100 BCE-250CE- w/ COA & Provenance -Rare Form Very special piece!

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Authentic Pre-Columbian Colima Culture Reclinatorio Abstract Dog artifact dating from the proto-Classic period (150BC-250AD). This rare form piece displays intriguing, abstract form exhibiting a sloped backrest that is supported by a pair of anthropomorphic legs on the verso. Covered in hues of russet, coral, and burgundy, the obverse of the piece bears characteristics of a few different zoomorphs including a forked piscine tail, a lobed, heart-shaped body reminiscent of an avian breast, lateral fins or petite wings, and a slanted, drop-form head with a petite beak. Behind the bulbous head is the vessel's slanted spout, suggesting this was intended to hold funerary offerings for the dead. Size: 8.625" W x 9.5" H (21.9 cm x 24.1 cm) figure has Excellent province with certificate of Authenticity (see below).

Condition: Overall very nice condition.-Repair to upper half of spout along back side, lateral fin along lower right, with restoration along reattachment areas, and resurfacing with overpainting along new material and break lines. Abrasions to reclinatorio surface, spout, fins, and both legs, with fire-darkening and light fading to pigment in scattered areas, and encrustations within spout commensurate with age. Great surface smoothness throughout, and nice preservation to most original pigment. Good manganese deposits along verso.

Provenance: Comes with certificate of authenticity from well respected gallery (where it was purchased) that deals in Antiquities. further provenance ex private Lumberton, Texas

Expressive ceramic sculptures of small, hairless, fat dogs have been found in tombs in Northwestern Mexico. There a culture known as Colima evolved around 2200 and 1500 years ago. The people of the Colima Culture valued their dogs, who were their companions, guardians and sometimes even their food.

Ancient stories illustrate the importance of dogs in Pre-Columbian culture. One story tells us of the first man who survived the great flood thanks to his friend—dog. Dog did everything for the first man including finding corn to eat and making fire.

Some of the pre-Columbian peoples believe dogs were the companions of the god of the underworld. Others believed that dogs guarded the souls of the dead as they traveled through the dangerous regions of the underworld. Dogs, like this one, were probably placed in Colima tombs to accompany and guard the soul in the afterlife.

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