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Rare Antique ca. 1892 Villeroy & Boch Relief Pitcher w/ Figures Representing Months and Seasons #171 Tall 15.25 inch -Beautiful Condition!

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Lovely and rare Villeroy & Boch Relief Pitcher / Stein w/ Figures Representing the Months & Seasons. Pattern number 171. -made circa 1892. This is an extraordinary and whimsical creation and showcases the outstanding talents of the Villeroy & Boch artists of the time. The figures and other applied molded relief decoration spiraling to the top of the tower are beautifully done and completely pleasing.

Excellent condition with vibrantly colored enameled and a tiny chip (see pic #7) but no /cracks or other damage. The porcelain lid is secure and the inside porcelain is quite clear. See close-up photos to fully understand the condition.

Manufacturer markings on the bottom, including pattern number "171", 92 (for the date of production 1892) and Villeroy & Boch stamp.

Twelve figures in deep relief representing the months of the year with each performing a different seasonal activity, even Father Christmas makes an appearance under the applied handle. Above this blue band, the neck is divided into twelve panels, each displaying a verse in archaic German relating to these monthly seasonal activities

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Text on piece:
Unser Jenner ist kalt, hat Sonnenschein, drum füllen wir Faesser u. Schlaeuche mit Wein.”
(Our January is cold, has sunshine, therefore we fill the barrels and skins with wine.)
“Hornung ist Fasnachtzeit, der den Narren macht ist gescheit.”
(Hornung is carnival time, he who plays the fool is clever.)
“Er ist nicht zu trocken, nicht zu nass, er füllt uns Leuten Kist u. Fass.”
(It is not too dry, not too wet, it fills peoples’ cases and barrels.)
“Sind End April die Reben noch blind, so freut sich der Herr un’s Hausgesind.”
(If the grapes are still blind at the end of April, the master and house servants are happy.)
“Alles liebt im Mai. Jeder Vogel legt sein Ei, es ist Pfingstregen, darum Weinsegen.”
(Everyone loves May. Every bird lays his egg, with rain at Pentecost comes the blessing of wine.)
“Juni bringt keinen Frost mehr, der dem Wein gefährlich wär.”
(June brings no more frost which could be dangerous to the wine.)
“Jetzt geht mit dem Rechen wenn Fliegen u. Bremsen stechen, am Abend magst zechen, dich ruhig schlafen legen.”
(Now go with the rake when flies and horseflies are biting, in the evening you want to eat and drink and sleep quietly.)
“Im heuen recht gegabelt in der Erndt, recht gezabelt, beim essen u. trinken recht geschnabelt.”
(During hay harvest, use your forks well with lots of tines, while eating and drinking, munch away.)
“Maria Geburt gänge die Schwalb’n u. Studenten furt.”
(At the time of Maria’s birth, the swallows and students go away.)
“Wein u. Obst, was Gott beschert ist nutzbringend und Dankes wert.”
(Wine and fruit, what God gives is of value and worth thanking for.)
“Viel Hasen, viel spring, viel jage, viel sing.”
(Many rabbits, lots of jumping, hunting, singing.)
“Schwein geschlachten, Wein trinken. Häring essen, Wachtel fangen, Kraut schneiden sind des Monats Freuden.”
(Slaughtering the pig, drinking wine, eating herring, catching quail, cutting the cabbage, are the joys of the month.)