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Large Authentic 18th C. Spanish or Italian Oil St. John the Baptist as a child 27.5 x 36 Inches with COA and Provenance- Delightful Piece!

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Large Wonderfully executed authentic 18th Century European (Italy or Spain) painting of St. John the Baptist as a child accompanied by the lamb at his feet. A young Saint John the Baptist is portrayed holding a large Cross with a ribbon inscribed "Ecce Agnus Dei" - the Latin name by which the "Lamb of God" is honored. St. John the Baptist is presented as an almost cherubic child with alabaster white skin, a beautiful face with big brown eyes, full glowing cheeks, ruby red lips, and golden wavy hair. He wears a scarlet red cloak and an animal skin tunic, and stands on a grassy plain with a tree to his right, and white edifices in the middle distance to his left, and blue skies with billowing white clouds above. He looks out and to his right while gesturing toward the Lamb of God with his right hand. A touching painting of the young Saint John in the Wilderness. Comes with newer frame.

Size: site (unframed) 19" W X 27.875" H (48.3 cm X 70.8 cm)
with Frame 27.5"W X 36"H (69.85cm X 91.44cm)

Condition: Wear to painted surface as shown. Reverse of canvas with numerous spots of mold that have been treated.

Provenance: ex-House of Ancestors, Galisteo, New Mexico, USA

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