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Authentic Pre-Columbian Veracruz Artifact ca. 400 to 700 CE Shaman or Priest on Platform with Provenance & Certificate of Authenticity

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Authentic Pre-Columbian ceremonial Priest or Shaman on platform artifact. Artifact from Veracruz Culture dates circa proto-Classic period 400-700 CE. Exquisite piece which would have most likely been carried during ceremonial rituals, with hands holding the sloping side rails. The ancient figure wears an elaborate costume comprised of a cape (quexquemitl) over a skirt, a sizable beaded necklace, conical ear adornments, and a large, plumed headdress displaying a fringed panel with a bird ornament across the forehead and a helmet-like verso with a flared rim. Presenting squinting eyes with heavy lids and a lengthy nose, the figure's expressive visage is covered from the nose down by a buccal (skin) mask, which indicates that the scene is associated with springtime planting, fertility, and rebirth. Size: 6 3/8" W x 10 1/8" H (16.19 cm x 25.71 cm) Excavations near the modern Mexican town of Remojadas have revealed two types of impressive, detailed pottery figures from the Veracruz period: the Sonrientes, the joyous "smiling faces", and figures like this one, more serious, mostly adult figures, with elaborate costumes, themes, and sometimes props that all seem to point towards religious or political ceremonies. Their clothing suggests that they depict people of import in society, perhaps priests or nobility. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from well respected gallery (where it was purchased) that deals in Antiquities Further Provenance: private Orlando, Florida, USA collection; ex-Ancient Artifax, Hickory, North Carolina, USA; ex-B. Deshaies collection, California, USA; ex-Estate of Sylvie Gallagher, New York, New York, USA, acquired from 1950 to 1970. Condition-Three stable hairline fissures to base. Repair to two feathers of headdress with restoration over break lines. One side of rail, below the hand, and the front corner of the base have been restored. Light resurfacing in areas. Expected nicks and abrasions. Otherwise, excellent with lovely earthen and manganese deposits throughout. All items legal to buy/sell under U.S. Statute covering cultural patrimony Code 2600, CHAPTER 14, and are guaranteed to be as described or your money back. Returns & exchanges Refunds and Exchanges We accept returns within 30 days of the purchase of the item. However, the buyer is responsible for shipping the item back to us and that cost will not be refunded. We will refund your money for the item as soon as we receive the item back. Please send the item back to us with tracking or insured.