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Authentic Pre-Columbian Veracruz Artifact ca. 3rd to 7th century CE Shaman or Coast Watcher with Provenance & Certificate of Authenticity

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Authentic Pre-Columbian Female Shaman or Coast watcher artifact. Artifact from Veracruz Culture dates circa proto-Classic period ca. 3rd to 7th century CE. A wonderful figure of a seated woman known as a coast watcher. She sits on crossed legs with her hands resting upon her knees. She is nude but for an applied necklace and headdress. Incised lines on the arms represent bracelets, and small perforations through the ears may have once held additional ornamentation. Her eyes are incised, while her nose and large lips protrude from her face. Thick, black, bitumen is painted on the headdress. The bare breasts and slightly rounded stomach may indicate that she represents a pregnant woman. Size: 3.5" W x 5.75" H (8.9 cm x 14.6 cm)

The term "coast watcher" was originally designated to figures like this example as their appearance suggests they would sit and wait along the coastline to scout for possible invaders. Although the term is one originating in modern times, archaeologists believe that these figures probably represented individuals as indicated by personalized ear plugs, necklaces, and facial expressions. Some historians have indicated that these figures may not have been "coast watchers" at all, but rather shamanic individuals who perhaps drew their powers from the roiling current of the ocean.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from well respected gallery (where it was purchased) that deals in Antiquities: Further Provenance-private Hawaii, USA collection; ex-T. Ziesseniss collection, Pennsylvania

Condition-Repaired from many pieces with upper right arm and hand reattached. Left arm reattached at shoulder, and left hand reattached. Losses to left hand and knee. Both legs reattached at thigh, and lower left leg reattached. Visible adhesive residue in break lines and some areas of resurfacing. Rich magnesium deposits and nice black bitumen embellished details

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