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Antique Mettlach Villeroy & Boch Beer Stein Etched 'Bacchus Draught' #2035 circa 1891 .3 Liters - Beautiful Condition! Mettlach 2035

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Lovely antique Villeroy & Boch / Mettlach German beer stein, as pictured. "Bacchus Draught”, Pattern number 2035. -made circa 1891. Bacchus was the Roman god of wine and intoxication, equated with the Greek Dionysus. Bacchanalia, orgies in honor of Dionysus, were introduced in Rome around 200 BC. These infamous celebrations, notorious for their sexual and criminal character, got so out of hand that they were forbidden by the Roman Senate in 186 BC. Made in etched technique with a wonderful effect. It was a special technology unique to Mettlach that many companies tried to reproduce but no one ever got close. After the great fire in Mettlach factory in 1921 the records and technology were completely lost.

Excellent condition with vibrantly colored enameled and no chips/cracks/damage. The porcelain lid is secure and the inside porcelain is quite clear. See close-up photos to fully understand the condition.

Marked near the handle "3/10 L" (3/10th of Liter). Manufacturer markings on the bottom, including pattern number "2035", "91" ( for the date of manufacturing 1891) and the Mettlach / Villeroy & Boch stamp.

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